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2017 Newest hot-sale Bio disc

Function:Providing Energy
Type:Bio Disc, Bio Disc
Place of Origin:Guangdong, China (Mainland)
Brand Name:Phenitech
Model Number:BD01
Name:Bio Disc
Material:Special Glass
Energy:With negative ion 1000+
MOQ:1000 pieces
Size:80MM* 20MM
Package:Black gift box


Scalar Energy Bio Disc

Improve taste of all liquid

Increase water energy

Increase body energy

Maximizes nutritional benefit

2014 Hot-sale and Popular Product Scalar Energy Bio Disc 




1. What is the Bio Disc?


• The Bio Disc is a natural energy generating device that produces frequencies.

• The energy created specifically rejuvenates molecular structures in all liquids.

• The molecular structure causes any liquid to become more hydratious, taste better and extend shelf life.

• Bio Disc, The Miracles of Nature’s Healing Power.



2. What is it made of?


• The Bio Disc is made of Special Glass and nano minerals

• A process using several high heat fusion methods, structurally bonds the minerals together, at a molecular level.

• The combination of the minerals and the fusion techniques produces a catalytic conversion of energy known as “ Frequency energy”.



4. What are the functions of it?


1. Improves tastes of all liquids

2. Increases drinking water energy level

3. Increases body energy level

4. Maximizes nutritional benefits

5. Improve taste

6. Extend shelf life of all vegetables, fruits and meats     

7. Improve wellness

8. Enhances immune system

9. Rejuvenates cells

10. Increases blood oxygen levels

11. Calms and balances

12. Assists in pain relief

Enhances potency of food supplements – increasing the hydration levels of the drinking water taken with the supplements.


14.  The healing power of Bio disc has proven to amazingly balance "yin" and "yang" and cure various syndromes such as auti.



4. How to use the Bio Disc?


• Place your drink and bottles on top of the Bio Disc to energize your drinking water

• Place your container of creams and cosmetics on top of the Bio Disc to energize them, you will notice an improved absorption rate.

• Water your plants with water treated with the Bio Disc to energize them and assist them in their water and nutrient uptake.

• Carry the Bio Disc with you to improve your harmony and energy levels

• Wash your fruit and vegetables with water treated with the Bio Disc to energize them and keep them fresh for longer.

• Healthy for life: water, milk, tea, coffee, rice, soup, vegetable, fruit.


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