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Why wait till the wedding? Get pics from your
rehearsal dinner.|bridal shower.|bachelor party.|bachelorette party.

Automatically Shares
Photos & Videos in Real Time

Nix the hashtags. Forget the uploads.  
The Guest is the first and only photo-sharing app that does everything for you—instantly.

Other Photo Apps
Couples see <5% of pics
Get 100% of
guests’ photos &
videos instantly


photos & videos!
The Guest got most of my guests sharing photos—even my parents’ friends! It was cool to get over 1,000 photos from them and also to hear how much everyone enjoyed using our wedding photo app.
-Kathleen A.

Why The Guest?

Simple. It lets friends and family have all the fun while it handles all the work.

Guests Use Their
Phone Cameras

There’s no need for a separate camera app

Photos Are

Guest pics are posted as soon as they’re taken

Your Free Album Is Created for You

Relive every moment anytime you want

Real Wedding Galleries

Hear (and see!) how these couples used The Guest.

How The Guest Works

You: Choose guests. We: Handle the rest.

Add Friends & Family

Enter your wedding info and add guests. (10 minutes, tops!)

Guests Receive Invites

We send guests a message letting them know to download the app.

Automatic Photo Sharing Starts!

We let your guests know your wedding’s starting!

Once your event starts, we let guests know to start snapping! They take pics using their iPhone or Android cameras and The Guest shares everything in a real-time feed for everyone to see.

When the event ends, sharing automatically stops. Leaving the party early? Guests also have the option to turn auto-share off at any time.

Get Your Album Immediately

No more waiting for your friends’ and families’ pics. Take a peek at your free digital photo album whenever and wherever you want—even during the event!


Create your own or use one of our most popular photo albums:

Bachelorette Party
Rehearsal Dinner
Bridal Shower
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Have Questions?

Why should we use The Guest to capture our wedding?
With The Guest, you’ll actually get all the photos and videos your guests are taking because it’s no work for them at all! Because photos and videos are auto-shared from guests’ normal iPhone and Android cameras, you’ll no longer have to rely on hashtags or manual uploads in other apps or worse, bugging your guests to send them afterwards.
How does The Guest's automatic photo sharing work?
We'll notify your guests that the wedding is starting and that photos and videos will now be shared. Guests use their normal iPhone or Android cameras to take photos (not The Guest app), and The Guest instantly shares them to you and the other guests as they're being taken. When the wedding ends, we turn sharing off!
What do my guests need to do?
When you invite your guests, they'll get a unique link to download and sign up for the free The Guest app on their iPhone or Android. We'll remind them the day of the wedding to take photos and videos normally with their regular iPhone or Android cameras. The photos and videos will be shared instantly to you and every other guest.
How do we get our guests to use The Guest app?
You can easily select your guests from the app or the web, and we handle the rest! We intelligently ping your guests to download the app (it’s free!) and remind them on the big day to share away.
We already have a photographer so why do we want The Guest?
Your photographer is going to be AMAZING, but there's no way she can be everywhere at once. The Guest's perfect for gathering those moments your guests are capturing while your photographer is focusing on you! Your guests will be taking tons of photos and videos anyway and they're just as valuable!
Why is this better than a hashtag or a free photo sharing app?
Other apps require guests to use their special app camera or manually upload. That’s a lot of work so few guests end up doing it. The Guest lets guests use their normal iPhone or Android cameras to take photos and videos, and these are shared automatically to you and the other guests as they’re being taken. Because everyone can use the camera app they use every day, YOU get 40x the number of photos.
Will guests be constantly looking at their phones?
Nope, because that's the point! Guests will just use their normal phone cameras to snap pics and vids, and The Guest, in the background, will automatically detect that photos were taken and share them instantly with you and the rest of the guests on The Guest. We want your guests to be having fun and reliving the wedding afterwards, not spending their time uploading photos! A bonus: Family and friends who couldn't come can follow along in real time :)
How does The Guest use our guests’ information?
The privacy and security of your guests are incredibly important to us! We make sure to contact your guests only as it relates to your event - to invite them and send reminders, to let them know to share their photos and videos when the event starts and ends, and to view the gallery after the event ends.)
What if a guest doesn't want to share automatically?
Guests can pause sharing anytime once the event starts! There's an option for guests to upload photos manually while sharing is off if they only want to share a select few photos or videos.
What if a bad photo or video is shared?
The guest who shared the photo can delete it from the app. You (as the host of the event) can delete any photo or video as well.
What if there's no cell service or wifi?
It's not a problem! The Guest will know to automatically share all the photos and videos that are taken during the wedding as soon as cell service or wifi is restored to full strength so that you'll get everything that was captured (just with a delay).
What if we don't have our guests' contact info?
We highly encourage you to invite guests via email or phone number since that allows us to send them reminders (remember, we only contact your guests in regards to your wedding). But if you don't have someone's contact information, you'll have a personal invite URL that you can share with guests (e.g., on Facebook).
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Because it’s called instant gratification,
not text-email-and-call-friends-and-family-for-weeks gratification.

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