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Medical CE / FDA 510(k)/RoHS/ISO approval Blood glucose meter

Type:Bacteria Analysis System
Brand Name:Phenitech
Model Number: BG-102
Place of Origin:Guangdong, China (Mainland)
Certificate:Medical CE / FDA / ISO


blood glucose meter

1ul small blood sample;

Safe and Easy strip-ejection;

5 second measruing time;

Alarm clock reminder;

blood glucose meter



  • 1ul small blood sample;
  • Safe and Easy strip-ejection;
  • 5 second measruing time;
  • Alarm clock reminder;
  • Large capacity 360 memories with date and time;
  • Automatic 7, 14, and 28 days average;
  • Measurement Range: 40-600 mg/dL (2-33.3 mmol/L);
  • Test Result: Corresponding to whole blood glucose concentration;
  • Sample: Fresh capillary whole blood;
  • Sample Size Approximately 1 microlitre;
  • Measuring Time: 5 seconds;
  • Battery One 3.0 V CR2032 lithium battery;
  • Battery Life: 12 month or approximately 1,000 tests;
  • Gluocose Display Unit: mmol/L or mg/dL, Switchable;
  • Memory:360 Memories with Date and Time;
  • Dimensions:86.4*54.2*20.7 mm (L*W*H);
  • LCD Size:35*31.5 mm (L*H);
  • Weight:Approximate 42.5g without battery;
  • Operating Temperature:10-40;
  • Operating Relative Humidity:10-80% RH
  • Storage Temperature:-20-55;
  • Hematocrit:30-50%.


  • QTY/CTN: 24PCS
  • Color box: 32.5*37*20.5cm
  • G.W./CTN:5.5KG
  • Certificate: Medical CE / FDA 510(k)/RoHS/ISO

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