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silicone gel insoles for foot massaging

Place of Origin:Guangdong, China (Mainland)
Model Number:F04
Material:Gel, Gel
Small Order:Yes
function:foot care
usage:foot care shoe insole
Size:One size fit all


1.Liquid Gel Insoles for foot care, Resuable and washable.

2.Relieve from fatigues

3.Thin and transparent, unnoticeable in all

Lady’s Forefoot Cushion Gel insoles


silicone soles
1.high elastomer
3.anti slip
4.reused and easliy

Specifications:Gel insoleThe transparent,invisible gel insole is specially designed for ladies who wears high heel shoes

Features Specifications:Gel insoleThe transparent,

invisible gel insole is specially designed for  ladies who wears high heel shoes.

It is sticky on one side and can stick to inside the shoes firmly.      



1. Protect sensitive parts from friction.

2. Relieve from fatigues.

3. Thin and transparent, unnoticeable in all shoe types.

4. Provide option comfort and increase height.

5. Resuable and washable.



1. To soften the callus and prevent corn, foot diseases, callosity, and horny hyperplasia; to be suitable for high-heel shoes.


2. Acupuncture point massage can relax fatigue, save wear and tear on foot, and keep foot comfortable


3. Clear ball of cushion are thin and have better property of non-slip




Function Analysis:  




1. Ball of foot has close nerve connection with the upper respiratory tract mucosa, once the feet got a chill, the capillary vessels would shrink and respiratory mucosa ciliary swing slowly on the upper respiratory tract mucosa, as a result, the body resistibility descends.




2. This kind of product is mainly designed according to Yongquan acupoint. It can stimulate the circulation of blood and bring heat to the whole body. In addition, it can bring warm to the foot and keep kidney health as well as improve the quality of sleep




3. Massaging the foot will be beneficial to the body organs and adjust the inner balance, and it also can relieve the symptom of cold hands and feet as well as leg clonus.




Purging Method:  




Lukewarm water; the gentle hand-wash; natural air seasoned; please do not expose to the sun  


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