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spare substitute brush sonic electric toothbrush 2pcs set

Type:Skin Analyzer
Place of Origin:Guangdong, China (Mainland)
Model Number:TB-A28
Item name:New lithium battery electric rechargeable toothbrush
Rotates clockwise and counterclockwise:support
charging time:6-12 hours
Brush head:Round and square head inside
Mightiness vibrator frequency:around 12000 strokes per minutes
Power:Charging AAA Ni-MH Battery*1
Sound wave vibrator frequency:1.6MHz/sec
Brush heads lifetime:not over 3 months
Brush hair:adopted food-grade Polyamide
Product size:Diameter:16.8mm ,Length:190mm


1.2014 the most popular rechargable teethbrushes;

2.Slim and multicolor outline, Waterproof;

3.Antibacterial brush,changeabl

New lithium battery electric rechargeable toothbrush ((Round and square head inside)

Model: TB-A28


1. Oscillates clockwise ,counter clockwise 6000 times per minute, rotation angle is about 30
2. High power lithium battery, 3.7 standard voltage, 4.2 voltage fully-charged. It remains charged for up to 50 days when brushing your teeth for two minutes, twice a day
3. 2 minute timer.Red light under the start button lights up when you have brushed your teeth for 2minutes
Automatic loading protection. Charging of electric toothbrush automatically turns off when it is fully charged or used to its lowest voltage
For optimal result and better tooth and mouth hygiene, replace the brush head every 2 month
6. outstanding performance. lager power and less noise makes it become one of the first in world
7. Product size: Diameter:24mm ,Length:210mm.
8. Weight: 176g (toothbrush 97g+charger 78g )
9. Round brush head and long brush head can be provided in each set of toothbrush.


Electronic toothbrush series:

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