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Tens Massager/Slimming Device/frequency massager D508A/ digital tens massage machine

Place of Origin:Guangdong, China (Mainland)
Brand Name:Phenitech
Model Number:D508A
Type:Body massage
sample order:: acceptance
models::4 pads digital therapy machine


therapy machine,tens massager

With a large LCD

can massage any part of the body

Quick delivery

Low price

 Physical therapy equipment/Therapy massager D508A








4 output for electrotherapy(TENS/EMS)              2 output for infrared heating therapy




1 output for laser therapy                                   1 output for ultrasound therapy




1 output for heart rate test                                 Three frequency for choice




10 treatment modes for choice                           Double digital color LCD display




Intelligence language treatment guide                Remote control 












1. Massage, healthcare, treat come common  disseases

 2. Ultrasound therapy for beauty care

 3. Laser therapy for curing high blood pressure, hyperglycaemia and hyperlipermia

 4. Electrotherapy and infrared heating theraoy function: relieve pain, eliminating fatigue, musle stimulation, improve blood circulation, treat common diseases: rheumatoid arthritis, musle aging, stiff neck, tenosynovitis and bone diseases etc.






This model suit hospital and large beauty care place, massgaer room



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