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the latest design durable professional detox foot spa machine D01

Properties:Rehabilitation Therapy Supplies
Place of Origin:Guangdong, China (Mainland)
Model Number:D01
Type:detox foot spa
Name:Detox foot massager spa
Functions:Doing detoxing,stimulate blood circulation
Packing:1pc/color box
Hand charger tube:1 pc
Packing dimension:42*15*42cm
Accessories:Ion Array, Hand-hold test roll,main detox machine
Ionic cleanse detox foot spa:1 pc
Power source:1 pc


ionic detox foot spa foot massager treatment

CE Approved

Big LCD Display screen

Toxin Removing Treatment

Newest!!!  The latest detox foot spa machine , Ionic cleaner

CE &RoHS Approved!!!


Model: D01




About Detox Foot Spa:

The detox foot spa is a method for detoxifying entire body by bathing feet in water while using positive and negative ions electrolyzed from an ion generator. The array element is the ion generator device that sit down into water and creates ion charge and flow within the solution. 
It attaches to the power supply which controls array element ion flow and change.
In 30 minutes, toxin and wastes accumulated in body will be expelled. The human body will recuperate gradually. The different color of toxin expelled from different part will make you know the health status of our own body.



Detox foot spa Working Principle:

Via Life Detoxify Health device, water is broken down intolots of energy ions(namely positive and negative ions).These active energy ions penetrate into human body via capillary bore and cell membrane and thus supply body with negative ions. After complex biochemical reaction the positive and negative ions in body release high energy, increase the vigor of cells and promote the all kinds of enzyme(ferment).They also improve the metabolic function of each excretory organs of human body, expedite metabolism. 



Details of the Para-meters:

Rated power 60W

Voltage : 110V/220V

Packing : color paper box

Current: 0.5-2.5a

Net weight :5.5kg


Packing details:

Ionic cleanse detox foot spa:1 pc


Power source:1 pc

Hand charger tube:1 pc

Fuse wire:2 pcs

Instruction :1 pc

Color paper box:1 pc


1. Newest Ion Array with blue color:


2. Hand-hold test roll —-instead of the old wrist belt:


3. Correct connecting when doing detoxing:


4.The back connection ports of the detox main machine:



Operating tips:

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Detox foot spa

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