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The lightest quantum magnetic body analyzer with original software

Properties:House-Service Detector Tester
Place of Origin:Guangdong, China (Mainland)
Brand Name:phenitech
Model Number:HS-2008FC
Type:body health analyzer, body health analyzer,quantum magnetic resonance analyzer
Free OEM:MOQ=50pcs,100 pcs
Test Report:39 reports support to be printed out
Function:Analyse body health conditions
Guarantee:3 years, after-sale service all the time
Communication interface:USB
Delivery time:within 3 days
Updated:for free forever


The latest Quantum Magnetic Health Analyzer

Different versions for choice

Easy operation

Test reports are given

CE approved

The Latest Quantum Resonance Magnetic Body Health Analyzer 

1. Language Available:

English, Spanish, French, Malaysia, Korean, Romanian. Italian, German, Portugal, Romanian, Thai, Slovakian and Amway version.

2. Features of Quantum magnetic resonance analyzer

1), Professional: Based on the study on a hundred million clinical cases for many years, a number of medical and computer experts invented quantum health monitor.

2). Comprehensive: Our quantum health diagnostic instrument can make a comprehensive examination to human body. After the test, 16 health reports can be obtained.

3). Accurate: The statistical analysis of health is carried out rigorously by using scientific methods and it is approved by a large number of clinical practices. The accuracy rate of this healthcare product can reach up to 85%.

4). Ahead: Our therapy device can detect health changes before obvious symptoms and signs of disease appear. The early detection will make for early treatment.

5).Simple: The operation of this health equipment is quite easy. Users can master the detecting techniques after a short-term training.

6).Convenient: Through using this health instrument, health check can be made anytime and anywhere. This will save time for patients.

7).Economic: The cost of testing is quite reasonable, acceptable for average consumer.

8).Security: The health check is made in a non-invasive way, so the instrument will not harm human body. Based on the testing reports, the users can get the information about health status and prescription.

3.How to use the QRA with simple operation ways:

1) install software in PC

2) connect all of lines, such as USB Drive to PC, USB Key (open the software use), the metal stick line to Machine.

3) open the software, meanwhile, hand the metal stick, and choose start testing.

4) 1 minutes, it will auto-show the test result.

4.Compatible with operate computer system:

1) Win98, Win Me, ( install Microsoft Office is premise)

2) Win XP, Vista, Win 7, Win 8 32&64bits

3) Win 2000 series , Win 2008 Server series

                                      The following different language can be choosed
No. Language version Reports Quantity No. Language version Reports Quantity
1 English version           39 9  Korea version             39
2  Spanish version           39 10  German version             39
3  Portuguese version           38 11  Roman version             31
4  French version           39 12 Thai version             31
5  Malaysia version           38 13 Slovakian version             38
6  Chinese & English &Malaysia version           37 14 Amway Chinese & English &Malaysia version             33
7  Chinese & Malaysia version           37 15 Vietnamese             39
8  English & Malaysia version           37 16 Indonesian              39

Quantum Resonance Magnetic Accessories & Case:

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Quantum magnetic analyzer

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